1) Why leave Red Hill?

We were notified in November that construction with heavy machinery would begin early this year at the former TAFE site on Fulcher Rd. The Markets could not trade while construction is underway, with expected completion time not until mid-2017.

We were always aware the site was destined for a new development, albeit we expected this to begin in 2017. This development had been years in the planning. As much as we would love to have not moved - It was not our decision to make.

It is important we note the Broncos Sports Club were instrumental in allowing the markets to trade from the onset. We have them to thank for the incredible opportunity to bring the community together each Sunday morning! It is not always easy having a market set up next door & this was a very pioneering and new concept between club and weekend markets! We loved every moment and getting to know so many wonderful locals.

A sincere thank you for your support!

2) Why Milton?

Many of you know how disappointed we were to be leaving Red Hill but we were lucky enough to have many amazing locals & regulars that sent us feedback, encouragement and provided suggestions for alternative locations.

We searched for a new site for day & night (literally!) throughout December and January, for the sole purpose of creating a new home that could live up to the wonderful experience at Red Hill. Unfortunately, we could not locate a suitable site within walking distance of Fulcher Rd but when we were offered the chance to re-establish the market in Milton, less than 4km and 5 minutes from Red Hill – We jumped at the chance!

Most importantly..

The BIG question for us was:

Did we want to wait 18 months or more to have our market and it’s vendors back on Sundays? (Given this would have been incredibly challenging after such a delay.)

The answer was very clear: We would choose to be open than closed ANY DAY! We love being a part of the community and providing customers & stallholders a genuine opportunity to meet, shop and enjoy with family & friends unlike any other. The Milton Markets location provided this opportunity!

3) Is it the end of Red Hill?

Absolutely not! After an incredible amount of work to establish Red Hill throughout 2015, and the wonderful support from visitors, we view the Milton Markets as an exciting opportunity to re-invigorate the atmosphere, community and spirit of Red Hill. We are very happy to be only a few minutes away!

Our intention is not to replace Red Hill, but to keep the market open & provide a genuine farmers market experience for the lovely customers & stallholders who supported us from day one at Red Hill!

We remain in contact with the Broncos Sports Club & State Government with the aim to stay up to date with the development, and its final outcome with regard to the Red Hill Markets returning.

We hope this goes some way in answering any questions, and hope to see you at the Markets!


The Red Hill AND Milton Markets Team.

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